A bichon frise

A west highland terrier

A cocker poo

Grooming Dogs

Our aim is to give your pet all the attention and care it needs in order to have a clean, matt-free and healthy coat. Any knots/matts in the coat will be brushed out unless this causes stress in which case we will ask your permission to cut them out.

What your dog will receive

Your dog will be bathed, dried and all dead hair removed. The feet and nails will be trimmed and knots between the pads will be removed. The ears will be cleaned and hair removed from inside the canal in order to prevent infections. A health assessment will be carried out on each dog so that you can be made aware of any abnormalities, such as lumps, and can then seek veterinary advice if appropiate. This is known as a 'General' service.

The above is all that will be required if your dog is short haired, however if your dog is long haired, more grooming will obviously be required.

Clipping / Scissoring

They can be clipped or scissored into many styles either to breed standard or to your personal choice. Adjustments can be made for nervous, old or young dogs by splitting their grooming into two sessions.

Hand Stripping

We can offer this service for the appropriate breeds, but will always disscus this method of grooming with you first.

Ancillary Services

We also offer some additional services. One of them is a collection and/or delivery service from/to your home.

'While You Wait' can be used in between grooming sessions which includes:

  1. Nail cutting
  2. Foot trimming with nail cutting
  3. Ear cleaning
  4. Trimming fur in front of and around the eyes
  5. A quick brush to remove any knots/small matts, foliage etc.


For prices call Oscar's grooming parlour.