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My black spaniel, Betty, is a very nervous dog and can be a bit snappy but she was fine at Oscar's. She didn't get stressed at all, which is why I shall be becoming a regular. Rebecca

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Lovely personal service. Dogs were happy to be left and they were very relaxed and happy when I picked them up. I will definitely use Oscar's again very soon. Libby

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I was very pleased as the last groomers I used didn't take his coat short enough but at Oscar's they provided the cut that I asked for. Lesley

cat grooming in surrey

The last groomers I took my westie to struggled to groom him and they had to muzzle him, but at Oscar's they were so kind and gentle when grooming him the muzzle wasn't needed. Knowing he is now happy being groomed at Oscar's I will definitely be taking him back and recommending Oscar's to all my friends and family. Nicky

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I was recommended by a friend to go to Oscar's, but I was a bit nervous as its a home business, but after seeing the parlour and meeting Sam (the owner and groomer of Oscar's) all my worries stopped. It's such a happy atmosphere and Henry loves going there he drags me through the door every time we go. The grooming is to such a high standard and it was the best cut he has ever had. It was so nice when I picked him up to see him looking so beautiful and happy running around the garden with the spaniel that lives there. He has never been so happy at a groomers before and I will tell everyone I see about Oscar's grooming parlour. You have changed both our lives. Sarah

pet grooming in surrey

Oscar's Grooming Parlour is such a lovely well set up parlour with all the trimmings, I still can't get over how big the bath is especially when it has my little Jack Russel cross in it! Its such a relief to find someone who will work slowly and so kindly with our puppy he is so nervous of everyone and everything and it was great to see him looking so relaxed and happy when I picked him up, not to mention how clean and georgous he smelt, I just wish he would stay like that. Isobel

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I must admit what a state our cat was in, but you truely worked wonders on her. She won't let me go near her with a brush and you managed not only to remove all her matts, but bath and clip her its amazing. I will definitly be recommending you, I hope she won't get to that state again but we will be coming back for some brushing. Debby

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Thanks Sam you did a really good job on Scooby, he was a mess, I am going out to get some of that shampoo you used although I probably won't be able to get him as white as you did. Thanks again he looked great. Caraline